Christian Theatre Scripts

critically-acclaimed dramas by Sandy Boikian

about the playwright

During the mid-1990s, Boikian attended several poorly-written Christian productions packed with unrealistic, sometimes laughable, characters.  “I would sit in the audience and think about the excellent secular play I had seen earlier in the week.  I didn’t understand why it was okay – actually 'expected' – that Christian plays be mediocre.  I thought, ‘If this is for the Lord, shouldn’t it be of equal – or better – quality than a piece for secular theatre?’”

Having a background in and a love for the great classic plays, she started writing scripts that combined the quality of popular theatre with Christian themes.  She put aside her ego and asked what the people wanted to see.  “They were tired of being preached at, tired of being unable to identify with stereotypical characters, and tired of feeling that they were being manipulated.”

Boikian made a commitment to always write with her audiences in mind, taking their needs and expectations into account.  And she delivers.  She has been called a “master storyteller,” drawing from real-life experiences, using the senses to create curiosity, suspense, and intensity.  She's written for many different genres including dramedy, mystery, farce, spiritual warfare, End Times, and radio drama.  All of her plays include humor, because humor is a part of real life.  The reviews, many from nonbelievers and tough critics, tell the rest of the story.

In order to reach a wider audience, in 2010 Boikian turned her play My Wonderful Coma into the feature film, Leaving Limbo. The film was released in 2013, received excellent reviews, and took multiple awards at film festivals. Her second feature film, Fragile World, also awarded on the film festival circuit, deals with issues of emotional and mental healing rarely seen in Christian films. No Sunlight, her third feature, based on her compelling play, was completed in 2016.