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Category: Farce, dealing with faith, trust, and hope

Exit Smiling is a two-act play that centers on the director of an amateur acting troupe who recalls past stage disasters as she awaits medical test results and decides to stage one final masterpiece.  The running time is one hour and 45 minutes (including a ten-minute intermission), which makes it ideal for a Friday or Saturday night event, or to replace a midweek service.


Nicole Patrick is the director of an acting troupe that reenacts Bible stories.  Over the years the troupe has experienced many fiascos, including Queen Jezebel going ballistic when a loose puppy ran across the stage, Samson being unable to bring himself to defeat a jumbo stuffed lion, and Jacob’s bride Leah emerging from her wedding veil wearing thick spectacles due to having “weak eyes.”


Nicole recalls these and other stage disasters (portrayed in “live flashbacks") with Courtney Warner, the troupe go-fer and former punk rocker, as they await Nicole’s test results for cancer.  Act One ends with the announcement that the tests were positive.


Given a short time to live, Nicole decides to stage one final production of her favorite play, Queen Esther.  Determined to make this performance great, she throws herself into it with an all-star cast, only to learn that God has other plans for the show ~ and for Nicole.

Cast Size: 12 (7 F, 4 M, 1 F or M)

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