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Category: End Times

No Sunlight is a two-act play that centers on an atheist comedienne who, in a case of mistaken identity, is arrested for preaching the gospel ~ a crime punishable by death.  The running time is one hour and 15 minutes (including a ten-minute intermission), which makes it ideal for a Friday or Saturday night event, or to replace a midweek service.


Kathryn Bateman is a comic actress on BAD-TV, a late-night show where tastelessness reigns supreme.  As the play opens, Kathryn has just performed a Christmas sketch as Mother Mary.  Proud of her sacrilegious antics, she goes out to celebrate in her biblical wardrobe.  She is mistaken for a Christian who often preaches outside nightclubs, and due to a recently-passed proposition stating that proselytizing is a crime, she is arrested.


As Kathryn fumes in her cell (after all, she voted for the proposition!), she develops a new standup routine, and the "real" proselyte for whom she was mistaken, Maya, becomes her cellmate.  Although Kathryn is determined to hate the Jesus freak, she can’t help but admire Maya’s courage.  They soon become friends.  Kathryn watches in shock and horror as Maya walks with dignity to her death.

And then it’s Kathryn's turn.  Will she too be executed?  Or will her life be spared?

Cast Size: 8 (6 F, 2 M)

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