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The Role Model is a humorous, contemporary piece loosely based on the Bible’s “Rich Young Man” (Mark 10) with a surprising twist.  This play has a running time of one hour and 50 minutes (including a ten-minute intermission), making it ideal for a Friday or Saturday night event, or to replace a midweek service. 


This fantasy-drama centers on a prominent business tycoon who has everything ~ except eternal life.  When given the opportunity to receive eternal life, the young man can’t bring himself to do it because the cost is too great. Ten years later the man learns what his life would have been like if he had he accepted the gift.  The play shows how a seemingly insignificant choice can take a person’s life in an entirely different direction, and how deeply our decisions affect the people who love us.

Cast Size:  7 (3 M, 4 F) plus 3 voiceover roles

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