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Category: Spiritual Warfare


Not of the World is a two-act play that deals with spiritual warfare in a humorous yet powerful way.  The running time is one hour and 50 minutes (including a ten-minute intermission), which makes it ideal for a Friday or Saturday night event, or to replace a midweek service. 





Not of the World is a two-act play in which a gullible young woman, Jamie, is secretly in love with her boss, Vince.  Jamie's free-spirited co-worker, Shelby, convinces Jamie to hire Madam Nora to "make" Vince fall in love with her.  By exposing herself to the occult, Jamie unwittingly gains an invisible demon companion named Rake.  (Although the audience can see Rake, Jamie only hears his voice, believing his words to be her own thoughts.)  Rake's demon comrades, Jealousy and Self-Pity, soon arrive to assist Rake with his assignment to bring Jamie and Vince to ruin.  If Rake succeeds, he will be promoted in the Under-Earth.  If he fails, he will be served to his lord for supper.

Cast Size: 13 (5 F, 2 M, 6 F or M)

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