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Mysterious Ways is a two-act play that deals with terminal illness, resentment toward God, and transformation ~ all quite serious issues, but presented in a fresh and honest light.  The running time is one hour and 40 minutes (including a ten-minute intermission), which makes it ideal for a Friday or Saturday night event, or to replace a midweek service. 





Mysterious Ways is a lighthearted, "T.V. sitcom-style" dramedy with poignant moments and serious underlying tones.  The play centers on two roommates ~ one who is strong in her faith, the other who is equally strong against faith ~ and the conflict that, naturally, escalates between them, building to a powerful climax.  A fun and colorful supporting cast helps complete the picture and bring the plot to life.

"The atheist character at first comes across as that type of person most Christians, including myself, want to hate," said playwright Sandy Boikian. "She is so mean-spirited that we almost don't mind the fact that she is hell-bound.  However, once the story is underway we see how lovable she can be, and we realize she must have deep-rooted and valid reasons for her hostility toward God.  It makes us start pulling for her.


"Also, the Christian character is not an angelic, perfect 'saint' as some may expect," Boikian added.  "She has flaws, scars, heartaches, and frustrations.  It's my hope that audiences identify with her and her struggles, and be encouraged to never give up on anyone, even if the situation appears hopeless.  Nothing is impossible with God."

Cast Size: 7 (5 F, 2 M)

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