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Category: Farce


Next Stop, Broadway is a two-act farce with a running time of two hours (including a ten-minute intermission), which makes it ideal for a Friday or Saturday night event, or to replace a midweek service. 




A down-on-her-luck director, Brooke, will lose her church theater program if attendance doesn't pick up for her latest production.  Although Brooke is determined to keep the program going, things seem hopeless as one disaster after another befalls her and her little troupe of colorful, amateur actors.  To make things worse, a hot-shot movie actor, Jason Blane, has been arrested and sentenced to perform community service ~ by participating in Brooke's play. Poor Brooke!  Just what she needs ~ a pampered, spoiled lawbreaker to complicated matters even more.  Surprisingly, yes ... Jason is just what she needs.


Cast Size: 12 (7 F, 5 M)


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