Christian Theatre Scripts

critically-acclaimed dramas by Sandy Boikian

script packages

Whether you are a seasoned producer, or have never attempted to stage a play in your life, you will receive all the "extras" you need to mount a successful production.

Because each of these plays has been staged before (some multiple times in different venues), all of the pre-production work has been done for you. 

Each package includes ~ in electronic form ~ the full script, cast list, light cues sheet, sound cues sheet, props list, set furnishings list, audition/casting notice, audition scenes, a promo vignette, press release, and publicity photos.


Upon purchase, an electronic copy of the script is emailed to the buyer.  The buyer is permitted to print out copies of the script for actors, crew, and staff.  The purchase price includes three performances of the play.  Additional performances require a $25 royalty fee per performance.  The play must be performed intact without any changes/edits unless approved by the author in writing.  All scripts are copyright- protected and may not be resold, reprinted, or shared with any other organization.