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critically-acclaimed dramas by Sandy Boikian


Boikian measures success by the effectiveness of each production.  “The audience size is not as important as the impact we have on each individual.  Every one of these plays has been influential in reconciling people to God.  And I don’t just mean nonbelievers.  And I don’t just mean audience members.”  Each production has had a tremendous impact on the casts and crews involved as well.  “That has been a surprise ‘bonus’ blessing.”

exit smiling

“Broadway-caliber!” ~ Richard B.

“I hate when plays make me cry when I have mascara on!” ~ Susanna F.

“I realize that in producing these plays, your ‘aim’ is primarily evangelistic in nature.  But be encouraged to know that believers get more than superb entertainment.  They experience God’s very presence.” ~ Kelli S.

“I laughed so hard, especially during the second half.” ~ Suzie G.

“The play dealt with real-life problems and ways to work through those problems.  I appreciated that, and the way it showed the development of the characters’ relationships.  This is how God works in real life.” ~ Renee W.

“Well written, very moving.  The ending was left open, which was brilliant.” ~ Tom R.

mysterious ways

“I’ve seen fifty plays this year, and this one is by far the best play I’ve seen all year.” ~ Heather Fox, judge for the L.A. Stage Alliance Ovation Awards ("L.A.'s most coveted theater honor" ~ Los Angeles Times) 

"Mysterious Ways is a must for any church drama program.  It should be the standard to which other faith-based plays are written.  It provides a true message and true entertainment for any audience.  A master work." ~ Don Danielson, actor

“I related to each character.  I wasn’t watching actors on a set; I was right there in that apartment with them.  The conversations were not only entertaining, but real.”  ~ Lynn E.

“The play addresses stereotypes and does away with them.”  ~ Arnie T.

“I loved every minute of it. The dialogue, the conflict between the main characters, their growth, the dreams weaved throughout the story, the music ~ the twist!  All of it.  Bravo!”  ~ Sharon K.

“Magnificent!” ~ Delores C.

the role model

“What a wonderful show!  One of the best-written plays I’ve seen.  I think we all ask ourselves ‘What if?’  While I heard plenty of laughter in the audience, I also heard a lot of contemplative ‘hmms’ during the entire play.  This ‘got’ to folks.  My friend and I talked about it all the way home.” ~ Linda B. 

“Awesome twist at the end.  I thought I had it figured out, but I didn’t see that coming!" ~ Ray P.

“A brilliant take on the Biblical story.  It really made me think how we can become caught up in material treasures that really have no meaning.  The play was done in such a realistic way, was very funny, yet meaningful.  Well done!” ~ Delois D.

“I have been considering a major career change, and God spoke to me directly through this presentation.” ~ Martin F.

“Amazing pro-life message included with absolutely no preaching on the topic.  The ‘touchy’ issue was handled tenderly, just beautifully.” ~ Kelli S.

“Reminiscent of Frequency, Groundhog Day, and It’s a Wonderful Life, but with good original twists of its own.” ~ Randy T.

“This play was God’s gift to me.” ~ Lani R.

daisies for katie

“The plot sticks to the formula to please any die-hard mystery fan, yet there are many lovely layers to this story of lost faith and unforgiveness….  It combines a great deal of wit, sophistication, and several of those ‘ah-ha’ moments of unpredictability…. The story is so well constructed, allowing the audience to get to know and fall in love with the characters without ever losing momentum.…” ~ E! Pasadena

"Edge-of-your-seat suspense ~ literally” ~ Marlena S.

“It kept me guessing till the very end!” ~ Broderick T.

“Brilliant dialogue and characters” ~ Mary D.

“Loved it!” ~ Don D.

(2007 Premiere full newspaper review available on request)

next stop, broadway

“Next Stop, Broadway is not only a hysterical romp to anyone who has ever been involved with a company of bungling actors; due to its perfect balance of inside jokes and universal humor, everyone is laughing by the end.” ~ Robert W.

“This is the perfect play for a group outing ~ group of friends, family, youth group ~ you name it. It’s good, clean, inspirational fun for the whole family!” ~ Katie T.

“Funnier than any movie I've seen recently, yet surprisingly meaningful and moving. The balance between the ‘straight’ characters and the more comical ones is brilliant. In the Second Act, I laughed until tears were streaming down my face.” ~ Sharon K.

no sunlight

“This isn’t just exciting Christian theatre.  This is exciting theatre, period.” ~ Ron B.

“The play showed me that whatever circumstances God places us in, He uses.” ~ Derek (age 16)

“Even though Christians are not arrested for their faith in the U.S., it is true that people try to ‘lock up’ Christianity, put it in a box, do their best to control it.  But they can’t.  No matter how hard they try, they can’t. This play nailed that truth perfectly.” ~ Kelly R.

“Timely.” ~ Steve H.

“My wife and I were moved to tears.” ~ Jay A.

“We brought a young friend because he loves live performances and he is not a believer.  I know that you and your cast have sown a seed for eternity, so thank you.” ~ Gina L.

“I don’t have the words to tell you just how deeply your performance touched me, and I’m sure it touched others as well.” ~ Suzanne H.

 “The play was excellent.  I was all choked up at the end.  And I keep thinking about it.  It has really stayed with me.  That’s a good thing.” ~ Kathleen M.

my wonderful coma

“Great story!  I loved the concept and the writing.  You are my inspiration as you continue to do what you love, putting out work that glorifies and encourages. To God be the glory and to you the blessings!” ~ Jaimyon P."

"I loved it! All the 80’s lingo and music was fun and nostalgic. As soon as I got home I dusted off my old LPs!” ~ Connie M.

"Refreshing, captivating ... totally tubular and RAD!" ~ Marlena S.

"I am so glad I went.  Sandy is amazing!  I didn’t want it to end.  I want to see MORE!” ~ Dee F.

“I’ve attended church for many years but just recently came to really know Jesus personally.  I'm going through many trials.  During this play, I felt God speaking to my heart.  I identified with the main character.  You see, I feel like I've been in a coma for 19 years.” ~ Name on file

not of the world

“The play made me strong.  The next time I get negative thoughts, I will remember this play, and I will know what to do.” ~ Shakira B.

“Powerful message.  It brought me to tears.” ~ Craig P.

“I was tired when I came, but the show woke me up!” ~ Wallace D.

“It’s been a tough week.  I’m glad it ended on such a good note.  The play made me consider how some things may not be as innocent or harmless as they appear.” ~ Sara L. (age 17)

“Phenomenal!  Hands down, I give it a 10.” ~ Pete S.


SISTERS Review by Wendell Wellman

Screenwriter, Firefox starring Clint Eastwood

Actor, Sudden Impact, Sommersby

Playwright/Director Sandy Boikian doesn't simply write good, family-oriented Christian plays, she writes good plays, period. Her characters are real, flawed, and surprisingly funny. They have hopes and dreams, vanities and competitive jealousies. This isn't preachy stuff. This is just good storytelling.

In Sisters, we watch two sisters journey backwards and forwards through the highs and lows of their lives, as they try to cope with one sister's terminal illness. The journey is funny, sad, and moving.

Ultimately, God is the answer. God is the answer, but with Ms. Boikian's plays, we discover the revelation naturally. And it is right. Ms. Boikian is a talent deserving wider support.

the golden key

“A masterpiece.  The message was subtle and cleverly woven in.” ~ Tim M.

“The perfect combination of intrigue, engaging characters, and fast-paced plot.”      ~ Sharon K.

“I would define this as a ‘completely mainstream play’ and a ‘completely faith-based play,’ depending which way you look at it.  As a Christian, it’s obvious the main character represents Christ and the key represents eternal life.  But since the story is told in ‘parable’ form, Jesus and the Bible are never mentioned.  It’s like The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  If you’re a Christian, you get it.  If you’re not familiar with the Bible, you wouldn’t consider it a ‘religious’ play.” ~ Marc P.

“Loved the lingo!  The forties slang and quick pace gave it a Frank Capra feel.”           ~ Roger B.

“I didn’t know what to expect.  I didn’t think actors standing around microphones would be very interesting to watch, but I really got caught up in the story.  And watching the sound guys create those effects was a blast!” ~ Megan B.

“Very authentic.  I closed my eyes for parts of it, and I could picture the scene.” ~ Tracy H.

“It was an encouraging and affirming evening for a person in the process of renewing her walk with God.” ~ Shared by a mother who brought her young-adult daughter, who had recently returned to Christ